Our clients talk about our work together…

We’ve been working with Digital Teamworks since 2010. All along, nothing is left in the dark. Frederique is great at communicating efficiently. No time is spent for nothing but she is always available for answering question precisely. We love our website as much as our followers and visitors do, and it’s a great pleasure to recommend Frederique.
Yazmin & Nancy Pinchen, International Showjumper
I didn’t expect to enjoy so much the work to create my website! Frédérique built a rich and interesting process. All along, she was concerned by my level of satisfaction and made sure we created a website which was exactly as I wanted it. She always listened to what I proposed and was able to understand my business needs. I recommend Digital Teamworks. Thanks to the team, I have been able to clarify my offering and ideal customer, and now I have a website perfectly adapted to my successful business. Thank you very much for the quality and efficiency of your work!
Emma Scali, Artist & Coach
I needed a small website which I could update easily when abroad, from my laptop or smartphone. Frederique, always enthusiastic, available and proactive, delivered a perfect one, adapted to my audience target, fitted with my offering, my activities and my budget. Thank you for your advice, your constant support and your efficiency.
Pierre-Olivier Monteil, Phil & Brothers
I feel so lucky to work with Digital Teamworks for my website. Frederique & Dario are creative, enthusiast, intuitive and super pro. My website was created in 2010 and since then, it’s a great & attractive online window, which fits perfectly my needs & budget. It presents clearly the way I work, my several activities and sells my books. It helps me to attract clients who fit perfectly with my offering and who I am. Thank you Frederique for your work and your generosity.
Françoise Bitton, Writer & Spiritual Teacher
I was referred to Digital Teamworks by a friend when I needed my first website. Self-publicity does not come at all naturally to me but as a photographer I needed a website that was both custom-designed, stylish and easy to update myself.

Digital Teamworks took care of not only the design and IT aspects, but also with the more marketing side i.e. encouraging me to come up with a ‘Customer Avatar’ and then designing the site and making the wording appeal to this specific customer group that I was targeting.

I found Digital Teamworks both professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Irena Pechon, Photographer