Ready to change the way you eat? The few websites below are gold!
First, check out the work of Kris Carr.
Then, have a go at Jorge Cruise is one of THE references regarding sugar.
I also like Food Babe

Food Babe is a good website – with a free newsletter – launched by an American woman who does a great job discussing processed food and is an activist for positive change in the food industry. She has a free newsletter which we recommend. It’s american but still valid for us in Europe.

Finally, one of our favourite places to spend time for our wellbeing is

FMTV is an online-streaming channel. It’s a destination where you can be guaranteed to find the best health documentaries in the world. The couple who founded it personally search the globe for the most influential and life-changing films that exist because you deserve only the best!
You can watch all movies for a small fee per month.
There is one movie you must watch if you haven’t yet: It’s called FoodMatters. It has a website


Please let me know if you have any great online references to share in the comment below.

Take care,
Fred x